Khailee & Joel

Youth Asia

Teak helped lend much needed order to chaos in the earliest stages of our company. They spent time helping us lay down the foundations and structure needed to support growth. We still carry many of these good habits, with us till today!

Sang Beng


Sometimes, in pursue of entrepreneurship, what you really need to do, when facing mountain high obstacles, is to listen... And when I looked back, for twice, I listened to Kwee Bee's advice. The next thing I realized was, I was on the other side of the mountain...

Faiz Shahab

Xentral Methods

It doesn't just stop at kick start funding, Teak Capital assists growing companies in strategy, business development, and entrepreneurial skills which pushes the business to the next level faster.

Boon Sheng

Web Bytes

We are really glad to have Teak Capital coming in to share our vision and put in lot of trust on what we believe in. Apart from providing financial support, Teak Capital constantly provides invaluable guidance, advice and we really enjoy working with the team. The experience with Teak Capital is that they are really committed to their words and they actually demonstrate their passions to grow together with us in their daily actions.

Edwin Tay


Teak has provided us with insightful observations, helpful guidance and financial discipline throughout our journey with them. We can see clear growth in our business after their involvement.